ITGirl is a consulting company meeting the IT Management needs of small to medium businesses in the Alexandria, VA and DC Metro area. Many small to medium businesses need expertise and technical direction for utilizing technology to support and further organizational goals. It can also be difficult for staff to communicate your organization’s issues or represent your interests to technical vendors and service providers. Large organizations have the distinct advantage of technical guidance by utilizing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Manager. To level the playing field, I can provide smaller businesses and organizations with the same benefits, knowledge, and experience as an in-house CIO or IT Manager, without the full-time commitment or six-figure salary.

I offer the following services:

  1. Perform strategic IT planning and implementation based upon your organization’s goals, needs, and budget. Represent your organization and its’ interests to vendors, technical support contractors, and service providers.
  2. Provide systems, network, email, website and/or database administration; ensuring the overall performance of the systems and network that allow your business to function.
  3. Manage IT projects from inception to delivery within your organization.
  4. Establish, enforce, and remediate standard IT security practices, in addition to developing employee and organizational technology policies.
  5. Track technical assets and maintain documentation, recommend equipment purchases, and manage and project IT budgets.
  6. Implement Green IT Initiatives within your organization to save money and lessen impact on the environment.
  7. Conduct employee awareness training on changes in the IT infrastructure or critical security topics.

To avoid duplication of effort and costs, the exact services offered will depend upon your existing support and service agreements. Contact me for more information or to get an estimate for your specific set-up.