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10 Gadgets You’d Be a Fool to Buy Right Now…or would you?

Gizmodo posted an article today, by Avram Piltch of LaptopMag, warning users that they were crazy if they were to buy one of the following gadgets now: iPhone, Windows Tablets, Ultrabooks, Sprint phones, MacBook Pros, Android Tablets, Smart TVs, Windows Phones, eReaders, and Blackberrys.

As someone who promotes and practices GreenIT initiatives, I disagree with the overall assessment that anything old is useless or worthless (wasteful thinking contributes to the glut of electronics inappropriately disposed of in our landfills). So, is buying these gadgets really foolhardy? Let’s take a look (you’ll need to read or reference the article above).

iPhone: With a new one due to be released Fall 2012, why buy one now when it means you’ll be stuck with it for the duration of your 2 year contract? Why not? Not everyone is a power user and needs the latest hardware to have their needs met. If you have an older family member or for someone who is on a budget, getting the older iPhone at a great discount (possibly free) is ideal.

Windows Tablets: I have to agree on this one. If you’re interested in getting a Windows Tablet specifically, I would wait for the release of Windows 8 versus buying one with Windows 7. The Metro UI is worth waiting for (since it is infinitely more touch-friendly than its predecessor).

Ultrabooks: Again, it’s all about the type of computer user that you are. If you’re NOT a power user, have a child going off to school, or you are on a budget, what’s wrong with buying last season’s discontinued model? Take advantage of great deals! These systems are still going to excel at the majority of tasks like surfing the web, supporting office productivity, emailing, and social networking.

Sprint: Not a heavy mobile data user? Then Sprint may be a great choice for you as a carrier, even while they figure out their 4G implementation. They have some of the best pricing in the business.

MacBook Pro: I’m echoing the same sentiment here as I did for the Ultrabooks. Mac hardware does and will continue to command a premium price. Buying a discontinued model can make it affordable for more people to own. The previous model will still be more than sufficient for most computing tasks.

Android Tablets: I have an HTC Flyer that I love. Are there newer, faster, crisper tablets out there? Yes, but for what I use my tablet for, it is more than sufficient. It’s my browsing companion while watching TV, my quick reference, my eReader, my social network, my TV in the bedroom, my notetaker, etc. I see no need to upgrade as long as it continues to meet those needs. If it’s just an addition to your stable of tech tools, save some money, get a great deal, and spend your money where you get the most bang for your buck.

Smart TVs: This is good advice. Early adoption of new technology always brings some form of heartache, whether it’s painful bugs and hardware issues or warring formats (think Blu-Ray versus HD DVD). Hang back a bit and watch.

Windows Phone: I own the Nokia Lumia 900 and love it. I’ve tweeted, watched movies, listened to podcasts, played the Sims, emailed, talked, texted, and MORE without issue. I’m not currently concerned with upgrading to Windows Phone 8, until this one is unable to perform these tasks.

eReaders: I’m conflicted on this one. I’m a bit biased, because I’m more likely to recommend you buy a tablet and install the Kindle software versus buying a dedicated eReader. On the hand, a heavily subsidized eReader is cheaper than a tablet and could be the better choice for your needs. Either way, you don’t need both.

Blackberrys: No argument from me here. Blackberry has been stuck in a time warp with respect to design and OS. Wait for the new OS and hardware release.

Let’s be honest, new, better technology is always under development and up-and-coming in terms of a release. Basically, it is what is important to you/what your needs are that will drive how, what, and when you buy. One size does not fit all when it comes to technology.

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