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My Nokia Lumia 900 Needs No Stunt Double

We are all guilty of carrying too many things at once. I was trying to keep my phone handy, since I was talking on the speakerphone with my arms piled up with several bags and a jacket on Saturday. After locking the door, I turned around to go down the front steps of the house, and my phone popped out of my hand, bounced off the top step, did some amazing turns mid-air as it bounced down the other 2 brick steps, and slammed onto the sidewalk face down. The horror!

The scene of the accident
The scene of the accident……albeit a summer photo

GUH. I paused for a second because I REALLY didn’t want to pick it up to see the damage done to the phone. I was sure the screen would be cracked but, since I was mid-call, I needed to try to call them back (or so I thought).

I put down my bags, walked down the steps, and gingerly picked up the phone. Much to my surprise, the phone was fine. In fact, I was still in the call even though the micro SIM slot had popped out a little from the phone. Overall, the phone only suffered some slight denting on the corners where impact occurred as it tumbled down the brick steps. Even the denting is barely noticeable due to the polycarbonate body. That is some impressive build quality (but that’s Nokia).

Lookin’ good, Lumia!

Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan
Nokia Lumia 900 in cyan – Photos of the condition of the actual phone to follow
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