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What I’m Playing on my Nokia Lumia 920

I game…a lot, maybe TOO much sometimes. I game on the PC, on my phone, on the tabletop, on my tablet, and even occasionally, on consoles (usually when a title entices me). Each device satisfies a different entertainment need. In particular, I find gaming on the phone to be especially useful for when I need […]

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Welcome to Muertos Glen, population 9,640 and growing…

You can call me Mayor. I’m the mayor of a beautiful island “mini metropolis” aptly named Muertos Glen. Isn’t it just beautiful? In fact, I’ve just bulldozed some commercial businesses to add more residential zones, so there’s plenty of room for you to move in. Seriously, I need workers! I just opened up a sewage […]

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February 2013 Gamegeeks Gaming Results

Brrrrr! It’s FREEZING out, so I’m VERY happy that I’m hosting this month’s game day. I’m also excited because we’re going to play Dixit which has been waiting in the game cabinet since Christmas. Guests: Sam “Is that schweaty gnocchi?” (@normallywho) Derek “Derek Wiki = Diki?” Paul “The blog will show I don’t always win!” […]

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December 2012 Gamegeeks Gaming Results

It’s the holiday season! As there aren’t really any good “holiday” games, December 2012’s Gamegeeks games were all selected ad hoc from what the players brought. Guests: Sam “That movie was a 3/5” (@normallywho) Derek “Paul always wins” Jon “Can I play too?” Paul “Really does always win” (@zandergil) Bjorn “We’re all going to die” […]

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November 2012 Gamegeeks Gaming Results

November 2012’s Gamegeeks gameday centered around horror games in honor of Halloween (my favorite, as it is the only time I can torture my fellow players with Zombies!). Guests: Sam “Carb Loading” (@normallywho) Derek “My stomach hurts” Jon “Science!” Paul “Dungeonmaster” (@Zandergil) ITGirl “Get to Da Choppa!” (@itgirlnet) First Up: Bang! Description (from “This […]


October 2012 Gamegeeks Gaming Results

October 2012’s Gamegeeks gaming session had an accidental Cthulhu theme to it. Guests: Sam “McBigHuge” (@normallywho) Derek “I ate too much” Bjorn “Da Bishop” (@jabbernews) Paul “Lucky” (@Zandergil) ITGirl “I’m red!” (@itgirlnet) First Up: Munchkin Cthulhu Description (from “Munchkins have hacked their way through dungeons, kung fu temples, starships, haunted houses, and super-foes. Now […]

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Dear Esther Review

Who is Esther? Who am I? Why am I on this island? Even if you are an avid gamer, you may not have heard of Dear Esther. It originally debuted as a mod to the popular Half-Life 2 game and, due to its popularity, became a standalone title earlier this year.  It’s a bit difficult to […]

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Women in Technology

I was inspired to write this post by Geek mom, Dakster Sullivan, who recently penned a blog post on Women in Technology, and, more specifically, just why women are such a minority in the IT field. Some of the reasons given in her article are “the fear of sexual harassment, women not being smart enough, and the […]

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What To Do With Old Technology

The constantly evolving market of technology has resulted in a glut of old electronic devices in our homes, offices, and, unfortunately, our landfills. Most of these devices contain harmful chemicals that we do not want leeching into our soil and water. Dispose of those unwanted items responsibly! Not sure where? Read on, I’ll provide you […]