Note to my Readers

I apologize for my long hiatus from updating this website. Unfortunately, life (or rather, death) just got in the way. My mum became ill in Spring 2014 and passed away in early 2015. About a month or so after, my 15 year old dog died. And shortly after that, a very good friend also passed away. So, I took time out to heal and grieve, but life goes on. I return to gaming chatter, tech raving, podcasting, and general ranting with renewed passion. Updates soon! It feels SO good to be writing again!

Thank you.

Hi, I'm ITGirl, an information technology consultant residing and working in the DC Metro area. Get to know me! I'm funny, informative, opinionated, a bit sarcastic even... the female geek is a mysterious and elusive, yet surprisingly outgoing breed. Thanks for reading!