ITGirl is an IT consulting company meeting the IT Management needs of small to medium businesses in the MD, VA and DC Metro area for over 15 years. I discovered that many businesses need expertise and technical direction in utilizing technology to support and further organizational goals. Additionally, it was difficult for non-technical staff to communicate the organization’s issues, needs, and goals to technical vendors and service providers who often had their own agendas to further. ITGirl bridges those gaps and represents your firm’s technical interests. Yes, I AM the IT Guy.

Large organizations have the distinct advantage of technical guidance by utilizing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or IT Manager. To level the playing field, I provide smaller businesses and organizations with the same benefits, knowledge, and experience as an in-house CIO or IT Manager, without the full-time commitment or six-figure salary.

I act as your organization’s CIO or IT Manager by:

  • Performing strategic IT planning and implementation based upon the organization’s goals, needs, and budget. Represent its’ interests to vendors, contractors, and service providers.

Managing IT projects using AGILE, including discovery of business requirements and designing database architecture.

Establishing, enforcing, and remediating standard IT security practices, in compliance with organizational technology policies.

Providing systems, network, web application and database administration, ensuring overall performance.

Implementing Green IT Initiatives within the organization to save money and lessen impact on the environment.

Conducting employee awareness training on changes in the IT infrastructure or critical security topics.

To avoid duplication of effort and costs, the exact services contracted will depend upon your existing support and service agreements. Contact me for more information or to get an estimate for your specific set-up.