ITGirl is an analytical and solutions-oriented Information Technology Versatilist* with over 12 years of experience guiding organizations in making forward-thinking, strategic IT decisions within budget, and leading teams through the Software Development Lifecycle.  Additionally, she has strong IT management experience with hands-on technical acumen, and information analysis skills to break-down and accomplish any technical task. She is often referenced as the “go to” person with proven expertise in resolving complex issues for clients due to her ability to think and act quickly to resolve urgent requests and learn new skills, as needed. She successfully bridges the communication gap among business and technology groups and end-users. Overall, she has the breadth and depth of skills which allows her to work in multiple assignments.

IT Assessment/Management/Planning, Systems and Network Administration, Data Management, Security Planning and Implementation, IT Project Management, Green IT Initiatives

What People Are Saying About ITGirl

“…we had 99+% system reliability– the terms “system down” and “crash” were not even in our vocabulary. We never had an IT problem that she wasn’t able to resolve quickly and efficiently. I recommend her highly.”

~ F.H., Controller

“She has guided us through our rapid growth to a 65 employee firm with various locations throughout the city. During that time she has been on top of our IT needs and made sure that everything ran smoothly and improved our systems on a constant basis and is very conscious of the cost.”

~ W.C., Principal/Partner

“She’s an excellent IT resource and I would recommend her without reservation. We look forward to working with her on future projects.”

~ M.F., Managing Director

“…our IT functions operated superbly. There was no down time and issues were resolved quickly and efficiently. [She] was very professional with staff and provided a reliable source for IT related information and support. I would recommend her IT services.”

~ T.E., Controller

*An IT Versatilist is skilled in multiple areas of information technology and business and readily absorbs new information and technologies.