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Final Fantasy (NES) Hack Finally Ready

From my friend and fellow gamer, Greyfield:
As I’m sure I’ve shared with all of you, I’ve been working on a Final Fantasy (NES) rebalance hack.  Well, I’ve finally reached a stopping point with it after working on it for hundreds of hours over five years.  Fingers-crossed it doesn’t suck, and that there aren’t too many bugs I haven’t yet found.  I’ll be posting it soon on a ROM hacking website, but wanted to share a copy with all of you, in case you’re interested in old school emulators.
Note, I personally use an NES emulator on my phone.  I like Robert Broglia’s NES.EMU and Nostalgia.NES for Android phones, which you can grab on the Google Play store.  If you own an iPhone, you’ll have to look up how to add an emulator, since apparently there are none in the Apple store.
Here’s a link to the hack(Greyfield’s_FF_Full.nes). You can ignore the patching instruction in the readme file. The ZIP already includes the full ROM.
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