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Overwatch Pet Peeves

Rare is the game that a player has nothing bad to say about it. There are many games that I love, but I still find flaws with them. It doesn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the game…I just need to vent a little now and again. In the case of this post,  I love […]

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DIY – NeoPiGamer

Need inspiration for your own hardware project? Look no more! A good friend of mine, Tekkaman_Slade “frankensteined” a Raspberry Pi Zero with an old Gameboy Advanced to create the NeoPiGamer. It’s brilliant! It’s got a fantastic glimmer paint job! I love it! So, click the image below to get details on the project. (Instead of […]


Note to my Readers

I apologize for my long hiatus from updating this website. Unfortunately, life (or rather, death) just got in the way. My mum became ill in Spring 2014 and passed away in early 2015. About a month or so after, my 15 year old dog died. And shortly after that, a very good friend also passed […]

Out of Scope costume
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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I just had to post this great (and utterly terrifying to tech consultants and clients) costume idea from @prjorgensen. He calls it “Out of Scope”. (cue shrieks and screams of terror!) So easy and so clever. Dress appropriately geeky, pick up a travel-sized Scope bottle from your local drugstore, supermarket, or Target/Wal-Mart, […]

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Dead Island 2 – MMO hybrid?

Dead Island fans can get details on the upcoming release here in the first look: and here: Interestingly, Yager is introducing some big changes: Dead Island 2 will be more like an MMO. There’s no “beating” the game, just a continuous stream of repeatable quests. I’ll be curious to see how this plays […]

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An Angry “Letter” to EA Games

Dear EA Games, At the end of March, I installed a series of updates to the EXTREMELY addictive Sims Freeplay. Unfortunately, the last update rendered the game unplayable, and it crashes upon startup. Now, I understand that The Sims Freeplay is TECHNICALLY a free game, but since I’ve spent money on in-app purchases of simoleons […]

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“Free” Apps…Is Free REALLY Free?

Mobile apps have exploded. As of this writing, Google Play and the Apple App Store are estimated to have over 1 million apps each. Amazon just recently hit 200,000, and Windows has over 120,000 currently. Many of these apps are advertised or lauded as free, but in this capitalistic society of ours, is free REALLY […]

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Where Art Thou, Start Menu?

So, this week and last, I’ve been reading articles concerning the expected updates to Windows 8.1, and the rumors are that Microsoft is listening to IT folk and consumers alike. They are finally bringing back the Start Menu…well, KIND of. First the rumors started with “no way”, then it was “yes, it’s back!”, and now […]

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April 2013 Gamegeeks Game Results

April and October are my favorite months for gaming. October is obvious with a Halloween/horror theme and a plethora of goodies. April is less obvious, but it’s a favorite because it is my birthday month. So, I get to pick the games we play AND there is usually a plethora chocolaty treats. Win-win-WIN. So, what’s […]

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What I’m Playing on my Nokia Lumia 920

I game…a lot, maybe TOO much sometimes. I game on the PC, on my phone, on the tabletop, on my tablet, and even occasionally, on consoles (usually when a title entices me). Each device satisfies a different entertainment need. In particular, I find gaming on the phone to be especially useful for when I need […]