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Overwatch Pet Peeves

Rare is the game that a player has nothing bad to say about it. There are many games that I love, but I still find flaws with them. It doesn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the game…I just need to vent a little now and again. In the case of this post,  I love Overwatch, but there are some things about the game that just drive me NUTS. Here are a few of them:

1. People who want to stay as a group after you’ve been RESOUNDLY beaten by the other team.

So, after a quickplay or arcade match where you’re playing on a team with anonymous or unknown (to you) players, you can request to stay as a team after the match ends. When you find a group of players that interact well with each other and understand the importance of team composition, you may do that in order to get more victories. But when you lose and sometimes lose REALLY badly to the other team, teammates will still press that request button. What? Why? Did we perform that well as a team? I’m highly unlikely to press yes, so stop asking.

2. Healers that DPS more than they heal.

PLEASE don’t take a support role if you’re not going to support! The rest of your team (hopefully) selects their hero based upon whether you’re attacking or defending and what other teammates have chosen. We also have an expectation of how you’ll be playing…meaning we won’t go looking for health packs with a healer nearby.

3. Teammates that ignore team composition.

It matters, I can’t tank AND heal at the same time. I don’t care how good your DPS is, you simply can’t take the place of a tank or healer. Help out, diversify your skills! Go play some Mystery Heroes (love this mode) to force you to become more familiar with the other heroes.

4. Players that inform you they just got into the game, when the team they joined lost.

Ok we get it. You don’t want anyone to know that you were on the losing team or that it’s even remotely possible that a team could lose with you on it. And although it is technically true that they did just join the match as it ended, c’mon people, it’s just a GAME. Who cares? I don’t notice the other people on the team, so much as I may focus or counter a certain hero.

5. Not getting on the point/payload.

This is maddening. Often teammates will, once the advantage has been gained in the game, go off point or off the payload to run ahead and fight the other team. Games have been lost when teammates focus upon DPS and not the mechanic needed to win the game. Wouldn’t you rather win?

6. Taking Quick Play too seriously.

Considering my complaints above, I’m guilty of this. Quickplay and Arcade Mystery Heroes are the top game modes I like to play. They’re not competitive, so why am I getting so worked up about these things? And although I catch myself getting annoyed, there are some players that almost have a meltdown in casual game modes. Relax…have fun.


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