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What To Do With Old Technology

The constantly evolving market of technology has resulted in a glut of old electronic devices in our homes, offices, and, unfortunately, our landfills. Most of these devices contain harmful chemicals that we do not want leeching into our soil and water. Dispose of those unwanted items responsibly! Not sure where? Read on, I’ll provide you […]

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General Green IT

10 Gadgets You’d Be a Fool to Buy Right Now…or would you?

Gizmodo posted an article today, by Avram Piltch of LaptopMag, warning users that they were crazy if they were to buy one of the following gadgets now: iPhone, Windows Tablets, Ultrabooks, Sprint phones, MacBook Pros, Android Tablets, Smart TVs, Windows Phones, eReaders, and Blackberrys. As someone who promotes and practices GreenIT initiatives, I disagree with […]